By Brigid Alverson, ICv2

Neo-Western Thriller by Jeff McComsey and Felipe Cunha

Writer Jeff McComsey and artist Felipe Cunha are teaming up to tell a story of an unexpected inheritance that puts a young family in danger in LITTLE BLACK BOOK, a four-issue miniseries to be published by AWA starting in March 2024. The story follows Cole a strait-laced handyman whose father was a career criminal who deliberately stayed out of his son’s life. When Cole finds his father’s little black address book, where he recorded his underworld contacts, he and his pregnant wife become targets of the South Texas mob. The first issue will be released on March 13, 2024, with four covers by Francesco Francavilla.

“This is a blood-drenched crime story with heart that examines the deep imprint that fathers and sons leave on each other’s lives,” said AWA Chief Creative Officer Axel Alonso in a statement accompanying the announcement. “At the core of our story is the relationship between a hardened career criminal and the son he abandoned. When the son steps into a world of danger, what help can the father offer from beyond the grave?”

McComsey is the editor of the Fubar anthology and writer of THE FOURTH MAN, GRENEL KENTUCKY, and ET/ER; he also contributed to Z2’s Weird Al Yankovic graphic novel and wrote and drew a graphic biography of USMC Major General Smedley Butler.

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