Mike Deodato Jr

Brazilian artist Mike Deodato Jr. is known for his unique styles ranging from energetic cartooning to moody photorealism. He made a name for himself with popular runs at DC Comics and Marvel. But, his passion is found in the freedom of his creator-owned titles like the ones he has worked on at AWA Studios.

The Resistance

In March 2020, Mike teamed up with J. Michael Straczynski to work on The Resistance, the inaugural series introducing our Shared Universe.

Bad Mother

In August 2020, Mike teamed up with Christa Faust on the nerve-racking thriller Bad Mother.


In February 2021, Mike teamed up yet again with Christa Faust on the sci-fi feminist Western series, Redemption.

Not All Robots

In August 2021, Mike teamed up with Mark Russell on the dark sci-fi satire Not All Robots.

The Fourth Man

In January 2022, Mike teamed up with Jeff McComsey on the dark comedy mystery thriller The Fourth Man.

Variant Covers

Mike has created incredible variant covers for the majority of AWA titles.

Creator Corner with Mike Deodato, Jr.

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