The idea behind AWA is that by putting creators first, we all benefit. Our tagline says it all: “Where the best creators do their best work, for you.” We think the quality of our original stories backs that up, and our fans, critics, and the industry seem to agree with us.

Our “Creator of the Month” program lets us spotlight a different writer, artist, colorist, letterer or more each month, allowing you to get a glimpse into what makes them tick. (What’s more, you may ask? As you may know, AWA is venturing into film and TV, so you may just see a director or other movie auteur show up on these pages over time, too!)

Creator of the Month – October
Jeff Dekal
Cover Artist: Red Light
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What is your favorite comic character or fictional character of all time? Why?
Of all time is tough to say, but I like Dark Phoenix, Blade, Aeon Flux, Afro Samurai, and Psylocke. All bad-ass, ultra-powerful, and/or masterfully skilled characters with harsh afflictions and challenges.

Who most influenced you in the world of comics?
So many artists, but the most prominent would be Bill Sienkiewicz for his game changing creativity and complete lack of care for rules when it comes to creating. Then Marko Djurdjevic, Keron Grant, Alex Maleev, Brian Stelfreeze, Sergio Toppi, Ashley Wood, and Adam Hughes

Who most influenced you outside of the world of comics?
Spiritually, my grandfather, Marcus Aurelius, and Shiva. As for artists outside of comics, a few would be Degas, Alex Kanevsky, Rick Berry, Jon Foster, Sterling Hundley, Sargent, and Mary Cassatt

Tell me about your favorite story/panel/art page from an AWA series you’ve worked on.
Right now, all the work Priscilla Petraites is doing. Her sequential art on HIT ME and now RED LIGHT are packed full of energy and emotion. As for a panel/page, there is one from ARCHANGEL 8 that C.P. Smith did where the villain kills a bunch of guys and arranges their bodies in a figure 8. Brutal and genius!

If you were a comic book character, would you rather be the hero or the villain? And why?
I’ve always been the most fascinated by anti-heroes. The lone warrior on their own mission who may collaborate for a moment if needed. These kinds of characters and stories are more relatable to me.

What’s your favorite comic book or graphic novel?
Really hard to pin one but, Pherone by Viktor Kalvachev and The Many Deaths of Laila Starr by Ram V are two that stick out.

What is the best advice you ever got?
Don’t take anything personal. We can never have the full picture of a situation, especially where other people are involved. We can only perceive based on our own senses and history which is a sliver of reality.

Where is your happy place?
Any place where I am with loved ones.

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